Welcome to Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club. Model Yachting has taken place at Gosport for over 100 years. We are now one of the largest and most active clubs in the country.
We host district and national events with club racing in six classes : IOM, RA, RC Laser, Multihulls, Vane A and Vane 36.
Racing is scheduled every weekend and RC Lasers have an additional Thursday evening series in the summer. During the week there is pratice, and less formal sailing and racing on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
Events in August

1st Aug RC Laser
Round 10 S11

2nd Aug IOM
Round 7

6th Aug RC Laser

8th Aug Multihulls
Round 10

9th Aug RA
Round 9

15th Aug Vane 36
Round 9

15th Aug RC Laser
Autumn R1 Small Lake

16th Aug IOM
Round 8

20th Aug RC Laser

22nd Aug RC Laser
Round 11 A2

23rd Aug Vane A
Bilmore Cup

23rd Aug IOM
Round 9 Small Lake
29th Aug Multihulls
Round 11
30th Aug RA
Round 10

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